Royal Palaces Is A Must Visit In South Korea

As you may know, in 2023, In Sha Allah Jomventures will open new trip to South Korea. Exciting right?! Personally, I love Korean arts, cultures and traditions, and of course their language. But! The most thing I love about Korea is their hanok (한옥) palaces. Even I only just see its virtually far away here […]

South Korea lifts COVID-19 Travel Restrictions for Inbound Traveller as of 1st October 2022

Early September 2022, South Korea made the latest news regard of travel requirements. The government decided to remove all inbound traveller restrictions starting from 1st October 2022, including the mandatory on-arrival PCR test. With reference to, South Korea government has completely lifted all antivirus restrictions regarding inbound travellers. South Korea has been slowly lifting quarantine […]

Interesting Facts About Nami Island

Nami Island (나미섬) is a very famous filming location for K-dramas and is also very popular among tourists! You have probably heard about it from dramas, reality shows, etc. Is visiting Nami Island in your bucket list? Here are some fun facts to get to know Nami Island (나미섬) better! Read and save for later! […]

Unique Things to Do for Every Season in South Korea

If you are planning to visit South Korea, I would suggest few unique things to do every season in South Korea that you must experiences after you touchdown. There really is so much more to do in South Korea other than K-Pop! Spring (봄 ) The Jeju Fire Festival (제주 들불축제) is celebrated on the […]

The Disneyland of Europe

If you love Medieval beauty, love to see and visit ancient castles located on cliffs or river banks, don’t ever miss Austria, somewhere glimpse of princesses and princes in fairy tales or the majesty of powerful kings once owning massive castles. Located in the heart of ancient Europe, Austria is an attractive destination because of […]

Common Travel Scams in South Korea

While Korea is known for its low crime rates, we can’t deny that each country still has their own flaws. Here are some of the common travel scams in Korea that one might encounter if not careful and observant enough! You’re probably wondering, ‘Isn’t Korea quite safe?” After all, the country has relatively low crime […]

Best Places Must Visit In Bosnia And Herzegovina For Every Traveler

One of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe, no trip to the Balkan is incomplete without a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. A country rich in history, culture and storytelling, Bosnia and Herzegovina have something for everyone. It’s so nostalgic, beautiful and heart breaking at the same time because you can experience yourself the […]

Reasons To Fly to Bosnia & Herzegovina For Your Next Vacation

Did you know that Bosnia and Herzegovina are a place where you can see mixture of Ottoman architecture and Austro- Hungarian architecture that you won’t see anywhere else in the world? Home to many historic places. Bosnia and Herzegovina are the perfect place for every traveller. There is so much to see and experience in […]

Etiquettes To Follow While in Korea

As we all know, before going to visit another country it is advisable to educate ourselves on the locals’ culture and etiquettes as every country is different. Here are some etiquettes that you must know if you’re thinking of visiting Korea anytime soon. Wait for elders to eat before you do In Korea, age (나이) […]

Japan The Land of Rising Sun

Japan. The most amazing tourist destination and a very unique country that not many places in the world can be compared with it. It’s offering many unique experiences that you cannot find in any other part of the world. The stunning, diverse scenery with mountains and breath-taking views, which are much appreciated by the Japanese, offers […]