Essential Items for Visiting South Korea

If you planning to visit South Korea, definitely, there are few essential things you need when visiting South Korea for a more pleasant experience. In my opinion, these 4 main things below are essential need when you travelling to South Korea.

T Money Card (티머니 카드)

A T Money Card (티머니 카드) is a rechargeable card that travelers can buy to make journeys extremely convenient. It can be used to pay for all transportation fees including buses, subways, taxis, and even as one of the method of payments at affiliated stores. If you are planning to explore South Korea using public transportation, this T Money Card is very in need. You can easily purchase the basic T-money Card at retail convenience stores, such as CU, GS25, Ministop, and 7-Eleven.

Naver Map (네이버 지도)

The Naver Map (네이버 지도) is a navigation tool that Korean uses to search for the locations they want to go. It shows all the best route, travel locations and other information. It also shows restaurants that are nearby. If you are in South Korea, it’s best to use Naver Map (네이버 지도) as it is have perfect translation and much of information than Kakao Map and Google Map. You can either use the Naver website or download the app to access it as both are convenient and precise.

Papago (파파고)

Papago (파파고) is a web translation app that was developed by South Korea’s largest internet company, Naver Corporation. It is popular for its artificial intelligence developments. It can translate texts and speech from a language to another. One good thing about Papago (파파고) is that it’s free to use as well.

Kakaotalk (카카오톡)

As everyone knows, Kakaotalk (카카오톡) is a mobile messaging app which was operated by Kakao Corporation and often referred as Katalk (카톡). It is an app you can’t miss out on using as it is an app that all Korean use to communicate using message.

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