Japan has been a tourist beacon for many decades now. However finding halal food for Muslims has been a difficult challenge since most of the restaurant serve alcohol or pork or does not follow the halal protocols. However there are few hidden gems in Japan that serves best halal certified japanese food to cater the Muslim tourists.

Naritaya Osaka Minami, Osaka

Naritaya Osaka Minami famous for their both their chicken-based broth ramen and soupless ramen (mazeramen), with springy noodles and chicken pieces. Using only natural ingredients, the store has attracted a fair bit of following since their opening. Osaka’s specialty, Yakisoba, is also on the menu as the Osaka-store’s exclusive.This halal food in Japan is definitely not to be missed if you’re a spice-lover. Enjoy croquettes and fried gyoza as your sides while you’re there as well. Naritaya is also available in Asakusa, Tokyo and Gion, Kyoto. Each store has their own samples and exclusive items, do check them out if you’re in the area.

Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka, Shinjuku, Tokyo

This very traditional ramen store uses seafood as its broth base. A standing-area only restaurant, Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka is the perfect spot to enjoy the conventional sit-by-the-bar experience. Small, cosy and run by friendly staff, it is suitable for small groups. Their chicken meatball is no doubt a highlight, and the spicy ramen will seriously give you a kick

CoCo Ichibanya Halal Akihabara, Tokyo

Japan’s number 1 curry house chain has officially opened a halal-certified curry restaurant in Japan! Situated in the bustling streets of Akihabara, the restaurant retained the same system as others in the same chain. Painted in a general theme of green, the curry house is easy to spot.

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