K-ETA? Did Malaysian Need Visa for Travelling to South Korea

Malaysian passport holders are required to apply a South Korean visa waiver known as K-ETA instead of a visa. K-ETA stands for Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (전자 여행 허가 제도). It is an authorization for foreigners (위국인) from visa-free countries to apply before entering South Korea. This electronic system to enter the Republic of Korea (대한민국) replaces filling out arrival cards and significantly shortens waiting times at the border for visa-exempt passenger. Foreigners who are applying for K-ETA need to submit relevant information online such as their travel information. For non-Koreans who are eligible for visa-free should get K-ETA authorization at least 24 hours before their departure to South Korea.

“Note that K-ETA is NOT a visa”

As for Malaysian visitors, you can enter South Korea for any trip of less than 90 days for tourism, leisure or business purposes. K-ETA for Malaysian is valid for a total of 2 years after the date issue. You can enter the country as many times as you wish during this period, but under the condition that the length of each trip does not exceed 90 days. Malaysian visitors not required to obtain a K-ETA if they are only transiting through South Korea on their way to another destination. In this case, the transit time must be not exceeding 24 hours and the passengers from Malaysia cannot leave the airport transit area.

Malaysian need a K-ETA to travel to South Korea without visa. However, Malaysian who plan to stay in South Korea to work, study, or plan to live there permanently/ continuously need to apply for a suitable Korean visa type through nearest South Korea embassy or consulate.

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