South Korea! Since Jomventures will open new trip soon in 2023 to South Korea, let me share one of my favourite campaign by The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism,


Global superstar BTS, has been playing a role as an honorary tourism ambassador in Seoul for six consecutive years from 2017 onwards. BTS has appeared every year in promotional videos produced to promote tourism in Seoul. BTS has appeared every year in promotional videos produced to promote tourism in Seoul. The 2021 campaign slogan, “YOUR SEOUL GOES ON,” contains a meaning that Seoul continues to develop and change without stopping even amid of the pandemic. Through the campaign, the city government and the foundation aim to raise awareness of Seoul tourism so that the first destination can be dynamic Seoul when the travel industry recovers.

As part of the campaign, the “어기영차 (EoGiYeongCha) series” was released, including promotional videos with BTS. The first video of the 어기영차 (EoGiYeongCha) series, “어기영차 (EoGiYeongCha) BTS,” expressed a colourful and dynamic appearance of Seoul, with BTS members directly participating in the lead and narration of 어기영차 (EoGiYeongCha) and performing dance movements and musical instruments. “어기영차 (EoGiYeongCha)” is a sound of everyone working together to overcome difficult situations, and in this promotional video, BTS shouts “어기영차 서울! (EoGiYeongCha Seoul)” to convey a message of hope to everyone at home and abroad who is tired of COVID-19. It is also designed to allow tourists from all over the world to indirectly feel Seoul’s passion. In particular, it is said that BTS members also expressed their expectations for this year’s promotional video, saying that it was the most sophisticated promotional video they have ever filmed in Seoul.

The second video of the series, “어기영차 (EoGiYeongCha) Taekwondo episode”, and the last video, “어기영차 (EoGiYeongCha) Dance Episode,” cheered up and laughed together even in difficult situations. The last episode followed by the social media campaign “어기영차 서울 (EoGiYeongCha Seoul) Dance Challenge” which promoted for citizen’s participation. The challenge plays a role in spreading the laughter and joy of participants. Participants participated the challenge by referring to the choreography of the “어기영차 (EoGiYeongCha) Dance” and posted the challenge video with hashtags in their style.

You can enjoy the campaign films as much as I enjoyed them on Seoul Tourism YouTube channel VisitSeoul TV  and Visit Seoul Instagram 

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